Comments from RST's students indicate the impact the program has had on them:

"... RST has changed my life drastically. They taught me so much that I took that learning skill and kept using it every year and ever since then I have A's in almost all of my classes"

"It was very exciting and it helped me to be a better thinker"

"I love this program. This was the best program I ever attended"

"RST helped me see how math and science are related through the different activities we did"

"It opened my eyes to the impact math and science has on everyday life"

"I think what is taught to me is going to help me in the future"

"... there is more opportunity for students to make discoveries through participation"

"I now know that engineers use mathematics and physics to come up with solutions for everyday problems"

"I enjoyed learning about careers that involve over-lapping the two subjects (Math and Science)"

" was amazing how algebra was used to calculate the altitude (of the rocket)..."

"I did not realize how much analysis and math is involved ... in bridge building"

"... the engineers ... made the complex math ... look interesting"

"I enjoyed...the actual... mathematical processes that engineers must go through..."

"Just because everything was fun... does not mean that it was easy"

"I could understand the math that went along with the rocket and I was able to do the calculations"

"... I got more of an idea of what an engineer really does and how they relate math and science"

"...this program ... had hands on experience that pertained (to) math and science"

"... I learned much about how math is related to all the STEM careers ..."

"...they helped me experience what an engineer does"